August 20, 2006

We Both Know I'm Gonna Lose You (by 311)

pic by alex axon

Yes, this is the truth: I like to make an impression. I live for it. I plan it, I wait for the moment, I twist and push the Truth with my ability to twist words into my weapon of choice. I don’t lie, mind you! I enhance reality. I give it artistic credibility. I give it flavor and taste. I sprinkle star-dust over the trivialities of life.

Unlike you - inexperienced seeker of Truth, I know that impressions are everything. Appearances define this world and everything we know - it is someone’s invention. That’s how I like to think of myself: I’m an explorer of realities, an inventor, a creator of meanings and beauty. A magician.

Without me, Life would be as dull as a Sunday afternoon. I practically invented sun-sets and heart-shaped fluffy clouds. I put the ribbon on chocolate boxes, I aligned the stars twinkle along with heart-beats, I marketed rainy afternoons for their sensual promises and the candles dripping on bare-skin.

Don’t run, hiding won’t do you any good. If you see me coming, better get yourself ready. If you’re lucky, you’ll get two weeks of absolute bliss: no extra charge. Just a glimpse at your pure heart, just the regular offering of your true and honest feelings, a touch of your pure passion to warm up this old heart and body.

Don’t worry: I’ll be in and out of your life in no-time. You won’t even know I’m gone: lighter than the flight of a butterfly in the night, I follow the light. My tender heart wasn’t built to withstand the darker sides of the human soul. I’ll have none of the tears and pains of this world! As soon as the magic starts to fade, I’m off. Trust me: I’ve seen it many times, and it’s far better this way. I’ve seen Love and Lust fade away into the … (eaw!) ordinary.

I’ll have none of that, thank you very much. I was made for the finer things in life, for the joys and wonders. And I’ll share it with You for a while, if you promise not to ask for more. Don’t bother me with irrational demands: silently understand the delicate fabric of illusion that I’m creating Just For You, appreciate the intricate details of this beautiful deception meant to make you feel Special. I’m not picky. It can be anyone. Be grateful I’ve chosen You of all the others.

When I’m gone – you will have earned the meaning of True Love; the New, Stronger, Wiser You will face the light of the new day with a larger perspective of what can be. Your tender mind will be amazed to discover this whole new world it never knew possible. Your inner limits shattered, you will be free – for the first time – to enjoy Life to its fullest. Thanks to me, you will have learned to give yourself completely, and freely, you will have learned to suck the pleasure out of every glimpse, of every moment, with no regard for consequences.

Don’t be sad that it’s over, be glad it happened. I’ve taught you about human frailty, I opened your mind to how terribly vulnerable you are and taught you how to hide and defend yourself next time someone like me shows up. I’m not shallow – I’m well traveled, I’m a connoisseur. I’m everything you’ve ever dreamt of, you lucky girl! I am Mr. Wrong.

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