December 05, 2005

"I have never seen, nor heard your name without a shiver: half of delight, half of anxiety"

Even if we never come together again in this lifetime
the overwhelming pain of our separation
for whatever reason
is all just part of the hugeness of us
the infinite power we tapped

That confirmed
that this life is but a precursor to forever.

For whatever reason,

in the limitations of this opening act
I can only suffer in static pain for so long
And I know you’ve got to move on too

the connection we made gave us life again,
just not together

And from this moment on, everyone else will be incidental

So, I won’t worry about that crooked path life binds you to
And I won’t worry about mine,

Now I know its temporary
Cause somehow we found each other

and in that first furtive glance

I’ve been saved.

Now, no matter who’s lying next to you or me.
We’ll always surround each other


...for whatever reason.

Adaptation of an anknown author; photo: Sally Mann;
title: E.A.Poe

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